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            Why is the price of a Kala rig going up?

            The price of a Kala Rig has gone up from Group 1. It may seem like we are overcharging, but these rigs are pre-configured to mine Kala. There are no other machines that will be able to mine Kala except ours because we will have it on a private blockchain for several months. Because it is on the private kala blockchain, our people will be the only ones during that time that are mining Kala. By extension, there are fewer rigs splitting up the designated 187,500,000 kala per month. If we have all 750 from Group 1 go on at the time of the completion of the kala blockchain, then that would be 250,000 kala per rig in the first month (187,500,000/750). The industry standard is for manufacturers to charge a the machines 10 month projected earnings. At the current valuation of the Kala coin, if we were to do that, the Kala mining rig would be sold at well above the discounted price we currently offer. We would love for you to be a part of this journey with us to create the only real decentralized blockchain with a complete ecosystem, which is why are offering the firsts sales groups at heavily discounted prices.
            Updated: 21 Jun 2018 04:27 AM
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