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            Navigating your Kala wallet

            Getting to know your Kala Wallet account is important, and there are a couple of important places you should know about. Here is a guide through your account so you can become an expert!

            The available tabs. On the left hand side of your screen you will see six tabs. I will go through each down below:

            1. Dashboard

              1. The Dashboard is where you will see the total Kala you have on the top of the page, including any Kala you may have purchased during our Initial Token Offering from December 1st to March 15th.

              2. The second part is the ITO stats, including how much Kala was purchased during the ITO.

              3. At the bottom of the page you will see a ‘Buy Kala’ button. Unfortunately the purchasing of Kala is no longer available. Only the mining of Kala is accessible for receiving further Kala coins.

            2.  Profile: This is where all of your personal information is held.

            1. The top of the page is where your name, last name, and email address is listed. You can update this information using the ‘Update’ button just below the information.

            2. The middle of the page holds referral information. You can refer people to create Kala accounts! There is bonus information listed here, but this was only for purchases made during our ITO.

            3. The next block of information is your Extended Verification Information. This is not required to complete because the purchase of Kala is no longer available.

            4. The very of bottom of the page is where you can update your password! This function can be used at anytime.

            3. Wallet: This is where all of your transactions are listed.

            1. At the top of the page is the total Kala that you have purchased if you participated in the ITO.

            2. Below the total Kala are two buttons:

              1. Buy Kala is no longer available because our ITO is closed.

              2. Redeem Coupon was for members of Nui Social who earned the gift of Kala awarded in March. This is also unavailable to all members.

            3. Your total transactions will be listed at the bottom of the page if you purchased during our ITO.

            4. History: All interactions with your account.

            1. This is where you can see your Kala purchases and the details with your purchase at the top of the page.

            2. The rest of the History page consists of all the times you have logged into your account, where, and any other transactions made.

            5. Contact Us

            1. This is your portal to all things Customer Support! There is currently some maintenance happening on this page. But you can contact us at any time here:

            6. Log out

            1. Anytime you are finished in your Kala Wallet make sure to log out. This ensures that no one else will access your account, in the case that it does not timeout.

            Now you know exactly how your account is set up! If you have any additional questions, please contact Customer Support.

            Updated: 21 Jun 2018 04:40 AM
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