Which company will be shipping/selling the Kala rigs?

Which company will be shipping/selling the Kala rigs?

Mintage Mining is facilitating the sale and shipment of the Kala rigs.
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    • Will there be any team overrides/incentives/commissions for purchasing Kala rigs?

      Yes. For the first group it is $500. $250 will go to the enroller and $250 will go up the Team Building Structure.
    • When will the commissions be paid?

      Commissions are paid the Friday after the rigs are shipped, which will be after the blockchain is ready. We anticipate shipping will start in mid-June.
    • Will an associate come to install the rig for me?

      No, but all rigs come pre-configured and only require a simple plug in process. Instructions will be emailed along with the shipping information.