Where does the mined Kala go?

Where does the mined Kala go?

Kala will be placed into your Kala Wallet.
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    • Creating a Kala Wallet

      Before you can begin mining for Kala and have access to view your total Kala coins mined, you must create a Kala Wallet. Follow these steps to create your Kala Wallet: Step One: Go to ito.kalatoken.io Step Two: Select the ‘Sign Up’ option in the top ...
    • Navigating your Kala wallet

      Getting to know your Kala Wallet account is important, and there are a couple of important places you should know about. Here is a guide through your account so you can become an expert! The available tabs. On the left hand side of your screen you ...
    • How many coins can be mined by my rig per day?

      The number of Kala mined daily is based on a distribution schedule and the number of rigs mining.
    • Wrong Enroller

      If the wrong enroller was listed for your Kala Rig, you will need to contact the Nui Social Compliance Department. Mintage Mining does not make changes to enrollers. After contacting the Nui Social Compliance Department and getting this corrected, ...
    • Why is the price of a Kala rig going up?

      The price of a Kala Rig has gone up from Group 1. It may seem like we are overcharging, but these rigs are pre-configured to mine Kala. There are no other machines that will be able to mine Kala except ours because we will have it on a private ...