What is the earning potential?

What is the earning potential?


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The best way I can explain the potential of mining Kala is as such:
If you were to purchase a rig in Group 1 for $3,500, assuming all Group 1 rigs were sold and began mining on Day 1, you would receive 250,000 Kala in the first month. At a Kala value of $.02 then that would be the equivalent of $5,000 in Kala mined in the Month 1 alone.

The Kala distribution is fixed for the next 4 yrs. It's roughly 187,500,000 Kala per month for the next 4 yrs. That number will stay constant and it's the numerator in the fractional equation. The number of Kala rigs mining is the denominator and is the variable. The more kala rigs mining will equal less Kala per rig per month. In this example we are assuming that all 750 rigs start mining at the same time and for the same duration for 1 whole month. Again we make an assumption that of Kala at a value of $0.02 it would equal $5000 in the first month. If however, we make the denominator smaller (so not all 750 were sold), you will actually mine more Kala. Let's say we only have 500 rigs going. Well, 187,500,000/ 500 is 375,000 Kala instead of 250,000 Kala.  With that being said, 750 will be the maximum number of rigs in Phase 1 and so the least amount of Kala you will mine in one month is 250,000 Kala. If we have less units sold, then you will get more Kala in the first month of mining.
Once phase 2 hits, you will be mining less than what you mined in Phase 1 because the denominator will get larger. With that being said, you will still mine a lot of Kala.

The earlier you start mining, the greater your earning potential.


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