I wasn't there to sign for my rig

I wasn't there to sign for my rig

If you were not available to sign for your rig, you should have received a note from the shipping provider that offers you options to receive your package. If you did not receive a note, please send us your order number so we can confirm with the carrier for shipping information.
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    • My rig was damaged after it was set up

      Unfortunately, we are not liable for damages once you have completed setting up the Kala Rig. If you can describe how the rig was damaged, we’d love to give suggestions to help you.
    • Kala Rig Set up!

      Below is a link that will walk you through the Kala rig set up process: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZm4qPWEVGI&index=3&list=PLLSyrNREhmwF6lW2HfP8F8yI_7ukjN0nr&t=3s  If a portion of this video is unclear, or if you have further questions, please ...
    • Damaged during transit/return

      If your rig was damaged during transit we will need you to send in a picture to Customer Support of what the rig looked like when you received it. In addition, we will need you to fill out the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/dcZFsuNHZ2axA6w23  ...
    • Does the price of a rig vary?

      Yes, the price of a Kala Specialized Rig depends on the Group in which it was bought. The price will decrease as the amount of rigs sold increases.
    • What equipment is included with the initial rig purchase?

      Rig, power supply, power cord, ethernet cable, and instructions on how to operate the rig will be included upon purchase.